Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

Product & Design Leader | 17 years XP, ex-BCG


I’m a product leader and seasoned venture builder with 17 years of experience building, launching and scaling new digital businesses. Today, I am a product strategy consultant and fractional product leader to several early-stage startups, helping them more effectively build towards product-market fit while growing teams and securing critical runway with support in raising angel and VC investment. I’ve spent 7 years building startups at BCG Digital Ventures (now BCG X), successfully leading product, research, design and engineering teams on $multi-million flagship ventures for Fortune500s, unlocking new value and strategic growth opportunities in partnership with senior corporate leaders across a wide range of industries. Over my career, I’ve worked with teams to successfully take 8 start-ups from zero-to-one, a couple to significant scale, and one all the way to IPO. I’m a highly effective cross-functional team leader who can effectively manage product, design, engineering, analysis, marketing in outcome driven empowered squads. My design and innovation theories have been published in books and journals by Routledge and Oxford University Press.


United Kingdom


  • English


  • BACHELOR of BA (Hons) Design - First Class / Goldsmiths, University of London
  • MASTER of MRes in Design Research - Merit / Goldsmiths, University of London
  • DOCTORATE of PhD in Design Philosophy (Interrupted) / Goldsmiths, University of London

Employment Histories

  • Product Strategy Consultant & Fractional Leader at Inherent Ventures
  • Product Strategy & Discovery Instructor at
  • Product & Design Leader / Venture CPO/CDO at BCG Digital Ventures
  • Head of UX&D at Rightster
  • UX Lead at Rightster
  • UX Specialist at Various Startups

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