Vikas Malhotra

Vikas Malhotra

20 years of product development and eng leadership across Facebook, Amazon and Mastercard


Vikas is an accomplished engineering leader with 20+ years of experience, he has a proven track record of success in multiple leadership roles across startups and large organizations (Facebook, Amazon, Mastercard). Throughout his career, Vikas developed a deep understanding of the technical aspects of engineering, coupled with strong business acumen and people leadership skills.
Vikas has successfully led large engineering teams, managed complex projects and org transformation, and implemented innovative strategies that have driven organizational growth and success.

He has strong background in building 0 to 1 products as well as scaling and growing these at Facebook, Amazon scale.

Vikas is passionate about mentoring and developing talent, he built multiple high-performing teams that consistently exceed expectations. He is also an expert in developing and implementing processes and best practices has leads to increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


My experience with Vikas was outstanding. He provided deep insights into people management and interview preparation. His feedback was insightful and empowering, helping me focus on what's important for a management role. Vikas's extensive experience as a leader and his understanding of managerial expectations were evident in his tailored advice. His mentorship has been invaluable in my personal and professional growth, making him a highly recommended mentor for anyone aspiring to advance in their career.

I reached out to Vikas to explore how I'm thinking about development & personal growth. Vikas was very tactical, helped me dig into details & think through alternatives, and was overall very helpful. I definitely recommend him as a mentor.

Vikas provided exceptional mentorship, giving me in-depth insights into the expectations and challenges of engineering management roles at top tech companies like Meta and Amazon. He skillfully pinpointed my weaknesses and helped me develop a clear strategy to address them. His insightful feedback on my performance and the management processes I should be familiar with was invaluable.

Vikas is great at teaching Root Cause Analysis for interview preparation. He clearly explains what the interviewer wants to hear. He helps you see your common errors and guides you toward doing well, which is very helpful.


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  • BACHELOR of Electronics and Communications / National Institute of Technology Hamirpur India
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Employment Histories

  • Principal engineer, Senior Manager at Amazon
  • Principal engineer, Senior Manager at Facebook
  • Tech Exec, Fractional CTO at Stealth Startup