Larry Sawyer

Principal UX Designer and Creative Driector


As a dynamic UX leader and architect, I'm driven by innovation and a passion for design. With extensive experience in digital projects for a diverse range of clients, from startups to industry giants like Amazon and Disney, my expertise lies in creating optimal solutions through iterative design and a deep understanding of internet technologies and trends.

Earning a certificate in Designing AI Products and Services from MIT marks a significant milestone in my career, equipping me with cutting-edge skills at the intersection of design and artificial intelligence. This achievement not only enhances my ability to craft intuitive and intelligent digital solutions but also positions me to lead in an era where AI-driven design is revolutionizing user experiences. With this specialized knowledge, I am now uniquely prepared to innovate and shape the future of user-centric, AI-enhanced products and services, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Central to my approach is design thinking, aimed at solving complex challenges and creating user-focused solutions. My career is marked by collaborations with top designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, contributing to significant projects like Fidelity Investments' first intranet and leading creative campaigns as a freelancer and agency head.

Presently, I'm working with leading minds in the software industry, shaping products that are as visually appealing as they are user-centric. This journey of continuous learning and innovation excites me as I look forward to future opportunities in digital innovation.


United States


  • English


  • MASTER of Management Policy / University of Stony Brook

Employment Histories

  • Lead UX Designer at PwC
  • Principal UX Designer at Optum Health
  • Staff UX Designer at Shopify
  • Lead UX Designer at PayPal
  • Senior UX Manager at Healthways