Jonathan Danylko

Jonathan Danylko

Award-winning, Full-Stack, Seasoned ASP.NET Web Developer, Author of "ASP.NET 8 Best Practices"


Jonathan R. Danylko is an award-winning web architect and author of "ASP.NET 8 Best Practices" from Packt Publishing. He works at Insight providing enterprise-level solutions. He started development at age 11 with a Commodore VIC-20. He has competed in international programming competitions and has contributed to various publications as an author and technical editor. His career spans over 25 years of building internet and intranet websites for small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies since 1996. He also created, developed, and maintains a blog called and has been writing blog posts since 2006. Jonathan continues to write code on a daily basis in his personal and professional career.


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