Cristina Gurguta

Cristina Gurguta

Data Science Mentor | Blogger | Senior MLOps Lead @ HOLCIM


I'm an enthusiastic Data Scientist with a solid foundation in software engineering and statistics. I thrive on solving complex problems with data, and I'm particularly fascinated by MLOps. Above all, I'm passionate about motivating individuals to step out of their comfort zones and achieve personal growth. I'm a Machine learning enthusiast with hands-on experience in KNIME, DataRobot, R and Python.

My new tech hobby is blogging, web analytics, A/B testing, SEO and everything related.

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Why I choose to be a mentor? Because I've been in your shoes—feeling inadequate, struggling to break into the data science industry, and desperately seeking guidance. I want to share the two game-changing techniques that helped unlock my own potential.

But it doesn't stop there. I'm not just here to boost your career; I want to help you cultivate your differentiating skills, unlock your full potential, and empower you to stand out as a unique data science professional. Together, we'll shift your mindset, foster unwavering confidence, and develop the persistence and consistency needed to conquer any goal in life. Remember, it's your distinct qualities and abilities that make you truly exceptional, not just your job title or salary. As your mentor, witnessing your growth and success in embracing your uniqueness will bring me immense fulfillment.




  • English
  • Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan


  • MASTER of International Project Management / The Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest Romania, University

Employment Histories

  • AI & ML Manager for Strategic Portfolios at HOLCIM

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