Aymen Segni

Aymen Segni

Principal DevOps and Site Reliability Engineer


Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹ ^^
I'm Aymen and I'm a dedicated Cloud Platform / Site Reliability Engineering Leader with over a decade of experience in architecting, building, deploying, and managing large-scale Cloud platforms and Kubernetes/Containers environments.
I help my mentees in their SRE and DevOps journey by working on real-world projects, they learn by doing how to provision Cloud Native Platforms in the Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure,..) using Infra as Code (Terraform, Pulumi,...) and managed Kubernetes clusters (EKS, GKE, AKS, ..) following the DevOps and SRE principles such IaC, Git, CI/CD, GitOps, Monitoring, Observability, SLOs, Tracing, Microservices,... with collaboration on Git (Github), Code Review, Pull Requests, and Pair Programming.
I am also helping experienced engineers to become the next successful Engineering Manager / Technical Leader in SRE and DevOps disciplines.

๐ŸŒฑ Expertises
- Cloud Systems: Proficient in architecting, deploying, and managing distributed systems on Azure, AWS, and GCP and OpenStack (8 years)
- Kubernetes/Containers: 8 years of impactful production involvement in constructing and maintaining Container and Kubernetes platforms, harnessing the full power of highly scalable Cloud Native Apps.
- Strong Leadership: A rich background encompassing 5 years of leadership experience, including roles as Tech Lead, Team Lead, and Group Lead, showcasing adept people management and exceptional interpersonal skills.
- Demonstrated track in applying SRE principles, encompassing SLOs, Observability, Monitoring, Alerting, and Incident Management, with a track record of optimizing system reliability.
- Cloud Native Ecosystem: A 5-year immersion in the Cloud Native landscape, adeptly utilizing Service Mesh, GitOps, Network Policies, Admission Controllers, API Gateways, and more.
- DevSecOps: Well-versed in safeguarding Cloud-Native applications and adeptly implementing DevSecOps practices to ensure a robust security posture.
- Modern Platform Engineering: A solid 5-year experience in empowering self-service, GitOps and internal development platforms, leveraging tools such as Backstage and Keptn to streamline processes.
- Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code: A seasoned practitioner, proficient in leveraging Terraform (8 years), Helm, Ansible, Salt, and Chef to orchestrate large-scale and complex (Cloud) infrastructural components.
- Programming: Adept with 8 years of Python development and 3 years of Go development, contributing to toil automation and infra tooling




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic


  • MASTER of Computer Systems Networking / ENET'COM Sfax
  • BACHELOR of Mathematics and Computer sciences / IPEIM

Employment Histories

  • Principal Engineer, SRE at Spryker
  • Team Lead SRE at Auto1 Group
  • DevOps & SRE Lead at ING
  • Cloud Platform, Site Reliability Expert at Deutsche Bank
  • DevOps Consulting Engineer at Smile
  • Senior Software Engineer at Rosafi Holding
  • System Engineer at Tunisian Cloud
  • SRE Mentor at MentorCruise

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