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Welcome to your first step towards career development! I'm excited to offer you a free Introductory Call through this special package. During our session, we'll discuss your career goals, address your questions, and outline how I can support your journey to success. Let's connect, explore your potential, and set the path for your professional growth. Book your free call today—your future awaits!

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24 ( 2024)
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About federico

Unlock your potential with a truly multi-faceted mentor & let's bring the best bits of the Amazon-way into your day-to-day!!

I can help you master data and financial analysis (Excel modelling, SQL, storytelling, etc.), strengthen your program management skills (mechanisms, Scrum & Agile, etc.), support you in becoming a thought leader within your organization, mock interviews or even brainstorm how to be a better, more rounded people manager. Let's collaborate to accelerate your growth towards success!


Hey, I'm Federico and I spent the last decade across Finance, Operations, Customer Experience and Cloud. Currently working at AWS, where I lead a large team of Business Analysts and Program Managers within the Commercial Sales organization. Here's the longer version of what I can help with in case you're still not sold:

🤓Data Analysis -- My background in Finance has taught me how to model data quickly and how to dive deep at the root of problems. I love SQL, crunching numbers and building analysis that people at all levels of the organization can understand and action immediately. I can help you build Excel tools and models, understand how to best structure data and analysis, and how to distill insights from numbers. I even taught 60+ students with ELVTR (links at the bottom!).

📈Program Management, Thought Leadership, Growth -- Amazon has a lot of start-up businesses within and I have been lucky enough to be part of a few during my time. My experience as a program manager has taught me a lot with regards to stakeholder management, mechanisms, frameworks, thought leadership and relentless pursue of excellence. I am a certified Scrum Master and I obsess over mechanisms: efforts without mechanisms are just best intentions. Let's chat about it!

🤝Hiring and Developing the Best -- I am an Amazon Mentor and a certified Bar Raiser (big deal!). I love coaching my team and helping them grow. I have interviewed hundreds of people and inevitably found myself managing performance on a few occasions. I can help you prepare for behavioral interviews, learn how to best have difficult conversations and foster a culture of inclusion and self-growth within your team.

Outside of work? WSET II certified wine connoisseur, avid podcast listener, unconvinced gym-goer, unsuccessful crypto HODLer, future vintage watch collector.

NOTE: I do not represent Amazon. My views are my own and not of the company. I do not advise on Amazon interviews specifically.

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