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Vladimir Baranov

Welcome to your first step towards career development! I'm excited to offer you a free Introductory Call through this special package. During our session, we'll discuss your career goals, address your questions, and outline how I can support your journey to success. Let's connect, explore your potential, and set the path for your professional growth. Book your free call today—your future awaits!

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24 ( 2024)
£0/15 Minutes per session

About Vladimir

🏅Certified Executive Coach

Hi! I am Vladimir. I have spent over 20 years in start-up and technology industries across fin-tech, wealth-tech and space-tech. I had founder and executive roles that exposed me to many meaningful experiences. I have gone through a lot of personal growth that helped me sort and format the knowledge so I can share it with you.

***Do you want to build a start-up🏢? Here are the things I can mentor you on:

- How to come up with the idea that will stick?
- How to create a pitch deck that will raise funds?
- How to make first hires?
- How to create traction and scale it?
- How to create a team contract that prevents founder conflicts?
- How to transition from a larger organization?

***Do you want to excel as a Technology Leader📈? Here are the things I can mentor you on:

- Talk through skills that "Got you here, won't get you there"
- What is it like at the top of organization and how executives make decisions?
- How to negotiate for a higher salary, broader role and responsibilities?
- What will get you more fulfillment and satisfaction from your current role?
- How to create a rock-solid short-term and long-term career plan?

I have advised 100+ individuals and 30+ companies. I am a regular mentor at Techstars, Columbia Startup Works and NSF. Recently I have become an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Cornell. I am able to back up my experiences with academic theories that I have learned from my MBA and professional coaching training.

My clients have described me as an insightful, practical, emotionally intelligent, and a results-focused coach. I like to take mixed approach to mentoring where I mix a series of questions with details from my actual start-up and executive experience. This helps you develop your decisions skills further, than just me sharing my story.

You can read more about my story here -

Let me know if you have any clarifying questions and let's schedule a trial call!

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