Vivek Akkaldevi

Vivek Akkaldevi

UI/UX Designer | 3D Artist | OS troubleshooter | 3D Animator | 3D in UI Design | UI Design for XR | AI enthusiast


Pursued MS in UX Design (UK) and BFA(Animation) in JNAFAU, enhanced with robust skills in UI/UX Designing and I have good experience in UI Designing and prototyping animation(mirco-interactions), customisation and Front-end design. expeditiously worked with Plenty of IT Projects. In my spare time i will teach UI/UX design from scratch to end.

Worked with E-commerce design & development, UX Research, UI Web and mobile app Design, prototyping, 3D pipeline.

I specialize in researching and writing blogs primarily centered on technology, health and much more. Through my blogs, I strive to share insights and experiences across these dynamic domains, providing valuable information to a broader audience. A key aspect of my work involves customizing the Android OS, with hands-on installation and testing on various Android devices and experimenting on Android Devices. I'm dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological trends, continually exploring emerging advancements. Additionally, I invest time in researching upcoming business models, aiming to understand the evolving landscape.




  • English
  • Telugu
  • Hindi


  • MASTER of UX Design / ENU
  • BACHELOR of BFA (Animation) / JNAFAU

Employment Histories

  • UI/UX Designer at Unitrans infotech services