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24 ( 2024)
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About Tom

It takes a truly exceptional individual to grow up wanting to be a B2B Marketer. And that certainly wasn't me. With an educational and career background spanning anthropology, media analysis, and a stint as a professional musician, I fell into my first B2B SaaS startup in 2012 as the initial Marketing hire, and had to learn how to figure things out quickly—starting with building out an email marketing program from a stack of business cards and an Excel sheet on a dubious thumb drive (hitting 'send' to 100k+ contacts for the first time taught me a hell of a lot about deliverability rates, as well as anxiety). Since then, having worked out what terms like EMEA and GRR mean, I've ridden the pendulum swings from best practice to getting sh!t done as a leader and executive at a number of global, high-growth, venture capital- and private equity-backed companies in the UK and US, from seed to Series E and acquisition. I've seen what great looks like along the way, had three exits, and continue to learn constantly about how to achieve success quicker and more effectively with each cycle. My strength is helping others simplify the complexity of building the right go-to-market machine for their business (Who should we hire next? How should we message and position our product? Which activities should we invest in? Should we start a TikTok account? We should really start a TikTok account) by focusing in on what outcomes and activities are most important. As an operator, I appreciate the *ahem* less-than-ideal, real-world situations startups find themselves in as they attempt to build the rocket ship as it careens through the stratosphere, spilling parts like a late-night IKEA cabinet build ("Hey, was that screw important?" "Not sure, let's just go ahead and see if anything breaks over the next few days..."). At the same time, I recognise the need to demonstrate clear value to the board, and so partner with organisations to achieve the right blend of short-term metric attainment, longer-term strategic investment, and day-to-day communication and alignment. I'm based in London, UK and happy to connect in-person or video call with people around the world who see an opportunity to achieve something together. Ideally not involving manually parsing business cards.

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