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Sandrina Pereira

Sandrina Pereira

This is your time, let me know how you want to use it: - Review your code and give feedback - Prepare for a job interview (review CV, clarify questions and give tips) - Mock live-coding technical interview (fake interview) - Anything else related to being an engineer or a team manager. Once you book your call, I'll send you a message with a few questions for us to better prepare in advance, and take the most of our time together. :) (I’m currently unavailable, will get back in July)

£50/30 Minutes per session


28 ( 2024)
£50/30 Minutes per session

About Sandrina

(I’m currently unavailable, will get back in July)

I'm a Staff II Frontend Engineer at Remote.com focused on the React ecosystem, mainly around headless system architectures and accessibility. I was also a Team Manager for 2 years. I spend most of my time leading multi-team projects within large codebases for 100+ engineers.

In 2019, I started giving back to the community as a mentor myself. I have a candid mentoring style, which means you'll receive constant feedback on what's going well and where you can improve. In our chats, I will provide action points and resources for you to work right after the call.

As for my background, I have a degree in Communication Design and Digital Design. Throughout this journey of becoming a self-taught engineer, it was essential to have mentors by my side to bounce ideas, sent goals and turn them into real experiences.

As a mentor, I've helped people in different stages of their careers:

  • Get a new job as a developer.

  • Being promoted to Senior, Tech Lead, Staff, or Manager.

  • Improve communication and leadership skills.

  • Adapt to remote mindset and async culture.

Regardless of your stage, I can help you with:

  • Frontend foundations (HTML, A11Y, CSS, JS)

  • React ecosystem - state management, scalability, and testing.

  • Documentation skills

  • Prepare for job interviews

  • Defining a growth plan for your career

Shall we start? 🚀

Portfolio: https://www.sandrina-p.net/

Articles: https://www.sandrina-p.net/writing/

Codepen: https://codepen.io/sandrina-p/

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