Naz Delam

Naz Delam

Engineering Leader | LinkedIn Top Leadership Voice | Software Engineering Manager @ LinkedIn | ex @ Netflix | Architecture, Growth | Keynote Speaker | Leadership & Career Coach | Investor |


Start writing a professional summary about yourself. This is the first thing people will see when they visit your profile. Make it count!When I started my career I had lots of questions, sometimes I was confused about which direction to take, and which skills to pick up. After a while, I found someone who gave me direction and goals, who saw the future of my career and helped me reach my goals faster by taking the right path.

Now, I am here to be that person for many other engineers who needs it. This is a paid program, which means you and I will need to put in the effort and make your dreams come true. I did lots of volunteering/free mentorship, but mostly my mentees are not that serious since they get it for free. Here I deal with engineers who really want to change and revolutionize their career path.

A bit about me though,

I'm a computer scientist who worked as a software engineer, engineering manager and software architect with many different companies. I also taught computer science topics and mentored many engineers through Hours of Code, Built By Girls and many other programs.

I am a huge advocate for growth skills impacts on career growth and would like to share this knowledge with you all.

So let's get started. :)


United States


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  • MASTER of System Engineering / MIT
  • MASTER of Computer Science / MIU

Employment Histories

  • Software Engineering Manager at LinkedIn
  • Software Engineering Manager at Netflix