Fábio Belchior

Fábio Belchior

Global Lead Product Designer


I am Fábio Belchior, a Global Lead Product Designer and Product Manager at Omnibees, a leading SaaS provider for the hospitality industry. With over 15 years of experience in designing and managing digital products that redefine the user experience and create value for customers, I specialize in building intuitive, seamless, and impactful solutions that cater to the diverse needs of hotels and buyers. My approach is guided by the principles of Human-Centered Design and Thinking, which put people at the center of every innovation. As a leader, I facilitate Design Sprints that go beyond aesthetics, driving transformative solutions that resonate with users and empower businesses. I also mentor and coach designers, fostering their growth and sharing valuable insights through articles on Medium. My portfolio showcases a range of projects, from CRS and Channel Managers to CRM, Booking Engines, Digital Banking, and E-commerce. In every project, I strive to craft a narrative where each design choice is intentional, and every digital encounter is an opportunity for meaningful connection.




  • English
  • Portuguese


  • MASTER of Design / UALG

Employment Histories

  • Global Lead Product Designer at Omnibees

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